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      1. 臨安市維蘭助劑有限公司
        Service hotline 86-571-61077166

        About us

        Linan Weilan Auxiliary Agent Co., Ltd. is located at Qingshanhu Jiedao, Linan city, Zhejiang province. We are in the golden touring route from Hangzhou to Huangshan Mountains and only 38km away from Hangzhou city.

        Sticking to such tenet of "To get survival by excellent quality, to get further development by market", Weilan now is specializing in the development, manufacturing and trade of "Weilan" serial products, including 2 series (Coating/Ink Auxiliary Agent series, Solvent type/Water-based series) and over 70 kinds of products. Up to now, Weilan has become one of biggest Coating/Ink Auxiliary Agent manufacturers in China.

        Weilan sincerely welcomes your visit and business. Weilan is striving to offer you excellent service and technical supports.



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